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Aug 2016
She's plastic, it's fantastic!
You can brush her hair...unn..
et cetera, et cetera.
"Do you feel used, doll?
Perfect! That's what I wanted you to feel like."

"Funny baby, you go right ahead painting your face!
Do you shave, do you pluck, do you?
Do you.. what rhymes with pluck?"
(Do I? Of course, doesn't everybody?)

Little girl it's playtime again.
___(insert name here) wants you to come out and play.
Do you cut?
Do you wanna blaze?
You should fit in a box,
a world-shaped casket.

Broken dolls, cracked china doll faces.
***, hatred, self-hatred and just a pinch of pretty ponies.
That's what dreams are made of.
( I blame the snake or the apple or.. Adam, atoms?)

Let's pretend.
Warm hugs do melt snowmen.
OH my g!!!I'm an Olaf killer!
I eat carrot noses for fun. (evil laugh)

Why do some women rarely go out in public without makeup on?
-Because they feel ****, that's why!
(Yeah I realize that wasn't a very intelligent joke.)
It was my latest intro to self-hate.

...I am having so much fun!

What is 50 Shades of.. hedonism.
I don't have to write dark poetry.
Me and the world are living it out loud.
Oh, I love you, Ken!
The words in italic were song lyrics slightly modified.

Prompt: write something dark
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       ---, L B, David Adamson, Sjr1000, Andrew Lees and 23 others
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