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Aug 2016
There's a brick road
Barricading my sight
But, nothing is for me in the distance
Nothing but a colorless sunset
It's only vibrant of black and white
I hold my cigarette up and squint one eye
To replace the sun
Because the embers are my warmth
They ignite the nicotine
Destined for my blood
They produce the smoke
That will probably cause my premature death
The thin layer of  snow crinkles under my boots
As I walk over to my old Elementary School playground
I sit on a swing and let my feet drag
The chains are icy
Its dead silent
I toss my smoke to the white powder
Then laugh.
It looks like ******* *******.
****, it looks like ******* *******.
I'm the last left.
Friends moved away,
Others OD'd
We couldn't trust each other anymore
Not like we used to
Not like when we first all met here
I was on this swing actually.
Tommy and Sarah came up to ask for an opinion.
Do little girls have ***** like big ladies?
We were **** out of luck from the start
Even as second graders we were sadistic.
Throwing rocks at the fat kids
Kissing under the slide where teachers couldn't find us
I cant feel my face
I don't want to be the last one
I pull out a cigarette
This is my last one
I better head home
Gypsy Ashlyn
Written by
Gypsy Ashlyn  Murfreesboro
   Keith Edward Baucum and ---
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