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Aug 2016
I've heard it being said that in a near death experience, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.The brightest light you will ever see because all of its surroundings are pitch black.
It is a lie, I have seen darker when the tears fell down my eyes as I struggled to find myself. I've seen darker as I stood there and watched the one I trusted most letting me down again and again. I've seen darker as I heard you cry out in the middle of the night because of the nightmares you had and no one listened, I was there too.
I thought I would never see such sadness in someone, so much that your tears turned into mine.
Our lives are so different, our struggles and our fights could not be any more contrary the one to the other. Our lives were being lived on opposite sides, how did we find ourselves in the same place, sharing our stories.
I heard you cry out in the middle of the night because of the nightmares you had and no one listened. I was there too.
How could two girls the same age, one American and one Hispanic, one with short wavy hair, the other with long straight hair
one with brown eyes, the other with a dark shade of green.
You stood there with tear drops in your eyes, and cried out, and said word by word every thing you have been holding in from everyone. You said things you have never said to anyone because of fear. I could see in your eyes the desire you had to yell out and set yourself free.
I have been there too. I stood there thinking it was my fault, I stood there thinking that I did not deserve the smile on my face. But you stood there with the same tears the same struggle and you did, and I wanted to tell you that you deserve every smile and many more but I couldn't. How could I tell you that it would be okay, if I didn't even know if I was going to be okay. Yet somehow by the end of the week, I knew, we both knew that as long as we believed in ourselves we would be okay? You and I together...
Everytown Wisconsin 2016
The voice
Written by
The voice  Wisconsin
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