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Aug 2016
The flight back from Vietnam
was crowded and long.
The offensive has failed
the war was now over for some.

It took four days to get to the small hospital
in the old white clapboard
New England town.

The endless war far behind him.
He was at last a minute away
from seeing his beloved Catherine.
He met the Nurse in the hallway.
How is she he asked?
Her seasoned eyes looked at the floor
she shook her head sadly.

And the baby he whispered?
Again her head shook.
  The words just too hard to speak.

Catherine was pale and weak.
Upon seeing him she managed
a smile upon his arrival.
Her beautiful smile
That had stolen his heart
So long ago now..

Oh darling, I am going to die.
Don’t let me die.
Hold me in your arms!
Hold me tight.
Don’t let me go.
When you hold me
we cannot be parted
If you stay with me
I shall not be afraid.

As she left him
The bells tolled from the
old white clapboard tower
  of the church.
To celebrate the end of the war
for some.

He carried her lifeless body
to the window.
It was a beautiful spring day.
Overlooking the square
the townsfolk had gathered
to give thanks to thier Gods.
And we’re singing Amazing grace.

Someone released a flock of white doves
they soared in a cloud
high up to the azure sky
They glided past the window
as if to carry her soul to heaven.

He kissed her still lips
For one last time.
And whispered to her.
Peace at last my love.
Inspired by Ernest Hemingway
For Whom the bell tolls.
Written by
Jude kyrie  Canada
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