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Aug 2016
In a time before people, at the dawn of man kind.
"They" were brewing us, our bodies and mind.

AΒ Β sprinkle of wit and a pinch of good luck.
"Please pass down the emotion muck".

Some of "they" were good at what they were to do.
Some of them less exact, careless in making our stew.

Going to the extremes was a favorite of a few.
And that's why Some of us drown in goo.

A pinch of zest and a bucketful of sorrow, and an
Annoying tendency to always want to borrow.

"My favorite recipe is: charisma, good looks and toxic waste"
They usually attract the goodhearted that are keen to make haste"

"And my favorite are the ones always pursuing what isn't meant to be"
"The recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of zest I think i'll put in three"

But theirs a limited amount of each ingredient in the workshop
So some will have to do with less of this or that.
Madeline Clow
Written by
Madeline Clow
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