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Aug 2016

What is it,
dripping from the skyline,
peach bloom worries,
those shiny petals twirling,
hypnotizing, creating that image,
the dark words, caustic phrases
they mimic because it sounds cool

Playing with minds waiting
for that next head way,
standing before a store front,
watching fuzzy televisions,
stealing what's new,
spitting on sidewalks and sticking
chewed gum under sills

They follow blindly
where they are led,
waving flags of faded glory denim,
ripped at the knees
from falling before guidance
that is off center at best

Still they praise,
in four letter monotone voices
demanding to know, what the...
receiving only laughter
and discarded job applications,
tossed in stainless steel bins
they have no business emptying
Written by
Stephan  Camp Johnson Crossing NW
(Camp Johnson Crossing NW)   
     ---, ---, Tia White, ---, Steve and 15 others
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