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Aug 2016
Anne and the Kid
were sitting in chairs
on the lawn next
to a small round
white table.

Sister Paul
(the head nun)
walked across the lawn
towards them,
her black habit
flapping as she came.

What's the penguin
want now?
Anne said.

The Kid stared
at the nun
who approached them.

I want a word
with you both,
the nun said.

A word each
or one between us?
Anne said.

The nun stared at her,
then stood gazing
at them both.

You Anne are not
to show your
leg stump off to Benny,
and you Benny
are not asked to do so,
do you understand?
She said.

It's my leg stump,
Anne said,
I can show it
to whom I wish,
and if the Kid wants
to see it, then he can.

The nun stared
at Anne:
I am forbidding you
to do so, and as head nun
of this nursing home,
what I say goes,
the nun said firmly.

What if I show the Kid
my leg stump
when no one is around
how are you going
to check on that huh?
Anne said defiantly.

The nun stared at Benny:
now listen carefully, Benny,
it is a sin to look
at girls' leg stumps,
and if you disobey
you could go
to Purgatory
or worse to Hell.

Benny looked
at Anne.

She smiled:
he don't care a ****
about your hell or purgatory;
whenever he wants
to see my **** leg stump
he can, and I’ll show him
when he wants,
Anne said,
sitting up in the chair
grimacing as pain
shot along her leg.

If you disobey
my orders Anne,
you could go
there too,
the nun said.

Anne stared
at the Benny:
listen Kid if
you want to gape
at my stump,
then just you tell me
and you can
gape any time.

The nun slammed
her hand down
on the white metal
table top;
the sound echoed
along the lawn;
birds took flight,
other children
on swings and slide
looked over,
or hid or went off
to hide.

You will do
as I say
my girl or else.

The nun walked away
towards the huge house;
her black habit
flapped like a big
black bird in flight
and out of sight.

Anne said:
bring me a glass
of lemonade Kid
and a straw.

he said,
and wandered off
towards the house.

She sat and rubbed
her leg stump
with her hands.  

The other kids
went about
their fun and games
on swings and slide.

She watched the Kid
returning slowly,
with glass of lemonade
to be by her side.
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  73/M/England
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