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Aug 2016
Oh numbers, figures, and letters or symbols of different sorts,
   whether you be in dotted-graphical or word-complicated appearance,
      your incredible eccentric ways of depicting your vision of reality
         is indeed other-worldly.

I am overly fond of this impractically senseless path which you have taken.
   'Tis truly entertaining to be following where your footsteps are taking you,
      to be learning from your own point of view,
         albeit reading your words are a little bit confusing, yet gratifying too.

To predict what follows your previous whereabouts,
   to mimic your flow of actions then after leaving me in a wow,
      and to check what is being dealt with now,
is the only way that I know how
- my version of reality as I have seen from you.

There are countless more to comprehend, but I am not capable enough.
Your great omnipotence has opened lots of dimensions,
   welcoming other universes that have existed long agone,
      although they maybe unperceived, you have informed us about their existence.

There is more than what most of us expects from you.
You existed long afore even existence ever became a reality.
You are something that has numerous beginnings yet endless.
You are yet to be discovered, the absolute truth is yet undiscovered.
I haven't written for months. Just an attempt of getting back to poems and poetic stuff.
Piolo Quintos
Written by
Piolo Quintos  Rizal, Philippines
(Rizal, Philippines)   
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