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Aug 2016
To be alone
is the deepest truth we will know;
**** this empty home.

A false security
in the future of our insecurities,
our shared disease.

Don't you see
how vacant this world would be
without our American,
our American dreams?

We only love ourselves
when we let ourselves
and there's no one else
who could take that all away.

If I'm wrong then maybe there's a reason
For me to **** myself
and take it
all the way.

For all the love we knew
and the lust it grew,
we'll always bleed, **** honesty.

But I'm betting that I can find a way
To shed my pain
And the blood on my hands
won't stain my sleeves.

Distill our happiness from lonely thoughts
and broken hearts;
a life saving alchemy.

If I'm alive then you know you are,
know you are my saving grace.
And if I'm dead well then,
then I can't believe in
grace anyway.
Spenser Bennett
Written by
Spenser Bennett  26/M
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