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Aug 2016
Her gorgeous eyes but a mighty dam for none to know,
Shields her like curtains---the unpredictabilities of tomorrow,
But aye a foolish boy who've fallen deeply in romance,
Her love, her kiss: fairs thee, in inescapable trance,
Shall with grand sails flee beyond the ocean's horizon.

Doth she wears the gowns of unfair fairness in farewells,
For a love unblossomed must she leave far too soon,
Ath daggers thy chests at the thought of bygones like hell,
Incapable of sleep tonight 'neath the glimmering moon,      
For her beautiful eyes makes the midnight skies far too bright.

Must we always harbor love like shipments far too late,
In which had pale doves flown their Winter paths,
And shall by Summer's end, does her 'membrance await,
In uncounted miles shall separates what once un-hath,
And bids this glimmering leaf of love an unspoken adieu.

A gorgeous pearl to whom had but drifted out to sea,
Until one day doth it perhaps drifts back to me...
And like a child to whom with bright eyes wistfully wish,
For the magic of Winter and her beloved, angelic kiss.
Oh, now maybe--just maybe she feels the same...
     The wretched wrath of life and the unfair fairness in farewells.
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
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