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Aug 2016

I’ve seen her for a week or two,
she’s new around these parts
Always with a smile that could
melt the coldest hearts

The other day I waved as she
went strolling down the street
When she waved back, I thought inside,
now her I’d like to meet

She said hello today again
as she went walking by
I grabbed the mail from in the box,
responded with a “hi”

Thinking now’s the perfect time
I added, “how are you?”
She answered, “I am doing fine,
just taking in the view”

I offered her a coffee,
figured I would take a shot
She said, “A coffee sounds real nice
but it is kind of hot”

“Maybe then some iced tea,
I could brew a *** instead?”
But she was thinking something else
for this is what she said

“I’d rather have a milkshake
from the local ice cream shop
Piled high with whipped cream
and a cherry on the top”

I wonder if she noticed
the big smile on my face
“I’ll go get my wallet and
we’ll walk down to the place”

We sat down at the counter and
I thought I’d act real cool
“Two vanilla milkshakes please”
She jumped up from the stool

“Vanilla, are you crazy,
are you touched inside your head?
With a vanilla milkshake
this girl wouldn’t be caught dead”

I just sat there startled,
not too sure what I should say
I never thought vanilla would have
angered her this way

“I’m sorry that I yelled at you,
I know I sounded mean
But something happened long ago
with that flavor of ice cream”

She sat back down and smiled,
I kept staring in her eyes
The perfect shade of brown they were
and then I realized

“I’ll bet you prefer chocolate,
oh so sweet and creamy thick”
She said, “Yes, that’s my favorite,
it’s the flavor I would pick”

I pondered for a moment,
took a little time to think
Should I change my order,
ask for something else to drink?

I said, “Please make hers chocolate
and I’d like to change mine too
Just give me a few minutes
to decide just what to do”

I don’t care for chocolate,
really hate it I must say
I’d rather eat a bullfrog
than that flavor any day

Something flavored burlap,
I would battle past the taste
But I can't handle chocolate,
that would surely be a waste

The waitress brought her milkshake,
she was happy as a child
The cherry and the whipped cream
seemed to drive her kind of wild

Removed the straw and raised
the fancy glass up to her face
And when she set it down again
there was chocolate every place

She then jumped up and kissed me,
made my lips a sticky mess
But also took my breath away,
yes that I must confess

I licked my lips and smiled,
then the strangest thing occurred
My heart was beating rapidly
and everything was blurred

I raised my hand to order,
knew exactly what to do
“What flavor can I get you ***?”
I said, “Make mine chocolate too”
Written by
Stephan  Camp Johnson Crossing NW
(Camp Johnson Crossing NW)   
     Mack, ---, Kalon, ---, SteffyWeffy and 20 others
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