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Aug 2016
A poem should have a sense of rhyme.
It doesn't necessarily NEED one.
What it does need, however,
Is to ellicit am emotional response.
And I have no emotions,
Not real ones anyways,
Just some behaviors I learned
So as to not look like a sociopath.
So what do I write about?
Love is not poetic.
Sadness is not poetic.
Beauty is not poetic.
Nature is not poetic.
What I see as poetry
Is how people react
To a man beheaded in the street.
In some places they see
Nothing wrong.
It's just another day.
Death unrecognized.
I find how some people
call a dog locked in a car a tragedy,
But not a man in the streets
Maybe it's because a dog is just a dog;
Innocent, kindhearted.
But human is just a human;
Undeserving, vile.
People are quick to judge
And I find that poetic.
I am quick to forgive,
We are all JUST human
Unaware of true poetry.
Michael Angelo
Written by
Michael Angelo  Idk
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