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Aug 2016
Nobody loves the girl in grey
She's pretty and smart
But that's all for today
She will climb mountains for you
Will cross oceans for you
Will cry for you
Will DIE for you,
But nobody would do the same

The girl in grey has pains of her own
She's tired
She's scared
She's all alone

For years and years
They've watched her play
With that smile of hers
Day by day

No one understood her crying tears
Or the constant questions
Or the lingering fears
She was strange
She was shy?

Nobody knows the girl in grey
She has so many stories
To tell day by day

She has so many secrets she's willing to share
She has so many hours she's willing to spare
Because one other person all dressed in grey
Is too many to count
In her eyes
Day by day

To see all the pain in the world around
To see all the suffering always found
She'd rather it just be herself

She's the girl in grey with the heart of a rainbow
She feels your pain like it's her own
She will never give up, cuz that's who she is
No matter if your name is John, Ann, or Liz

She will always be there
Just lurking around
Hoping against all odds
All girls in grey will be found

And loved to no end,
like she never could be
She loves herself like she loves her family
She will hold on

Nobody loves the girl in grey
She's kind and generous
And she's here day by day
She'll be blamed for things she didn't do
She'll cry at night at truths untrue
But never will she be blue
The girl in grey

Nobody loves the girl in grey
Hoping to Inspire and Promote Hope. This is my second version of this poem. Find the other on my wattpad account
Crissy Marx
Written by
Crissy Marx
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