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Aug 2016
When you fall down into madness you just need to hold on.
Hold on to my hand.
If you keep holding I won't let you fall.
I need you and you need me.

Holding tight.
Your hand in my hand.
Cold meets warm.
Like a summer night.

I’m above, you’re below.
Looking down, looking up.
Eyes meet and a smile on our lips.

You close your eyes and see only darkness.
You slowly open your eyes and see me.
I will always stay by your side.
Looking down and protect you.

But if I should lose my hand hold and you should fall.
I would jump to save you even if it means goodbye.
But that’s just IF and IF never happens.

Only our hands could touch.
Feeling each others body temperature.
We couldn’t be together.

The ticking time meant nothing for you and me.
As long you’re with me.
Happiness, sadness.
Is two diffrent things.
They're not meant together.

I’m scared to close my eyes.
If I do you might disappear.
You’re my sorrowfulness, I’m your happiness.
Hate, love.

I hate you for bringing me sadness.
You love me for bringing you happiness.
But I won’t give up, so just hold on.
Dark Delusion
Written by
Dark Delusion  17/F/Denmark
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