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Aug 2016
Why don’t I find the things around me
The way I wish
Why don’t I feel the things around me
The way I wish
And why don’t I dream the dreams
The way I wish
Because my imagination accepts the things
The way I wish

But every thing around me is always
Not the way I wish
Since many things around me
Accept the things around them
The way they wish
And this illusion having broken into
The doors of my rusted mind
Makes me realize that all the things
Around me always can’t take the shape
The way I wish them

And a bitter truth of this realization
Is that some time
I need to accept the things around me
The way they wish
And not the way I wish
Realization of this ground reality
Broke all my illusions and confusions

(Written by Kishan Negi)
Often every one of us that our surroundings be the way we wish, but is it possible. Never
Written by
Kishan Singh Negi  India
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