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Aug 2016
Random rules
rebellion pools
the world's filled with fools
at best,
cockroaches and pests
crawlin' through unrest
making nothing into something
with flippant retorts
anger is the fuel
that tears men apart  

Gun in hand
think ur the man  
through the red hazes
confusion blazes
fast and furious
the curious get
twisted insane
logic don't mesh
when you cut through flesh
it's a bomedy
a bloods kind of comedy
stuck on stupid
feelin' powerless as hell
when some kind of demon
comes ringing the bell.
Step up or step down
stir the potion all around
where's the black magic
it's tragic life is too real
a spiel spouted by the rich
the son of a *******
don't know how the poor feel  

Over slept, unkempt
been living in a tent
stealing heat from an outside vent
begging, negotiating
with those passers by
some give, others spit
don't care if I die.
Gotta get the job done
and seamlessly transcend
I'm drawn to all this power
aint' steppin down again
smash it, take a mansion and trash it
antiques what the hell
old **** starts to smell
I didn't see the gun
till you pulled the trigger,
how do you figure that I can deliver
Nuff said about these brainless schemes
cuz all I wanted was
the American dream
patty m
Written by
patty m  ether
         Dom, Bianca Reyes, victoria, Elizabeth J, Hector and 30 others
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