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Aug 2016
Im seeing this place, a place full of flowers
These flowers are like tall aromatic towers
The sky is deep blue all of the time
And its beauty is enhanced the higher up the flowers you climb
This is a place that I wish I could be every second of everyday
But there are things that prevent it and just get in the way
They are real life things that make me stress and worry
Everything and everyone is so fast paced and in a hurry
I just want to slow down and stay in the place i described before
Where i can smell the sweet scents and look at the sky and nothing more
I dont want to experience these things alone though
I want you to come with me, drop everything you are doing now and just go
And we can be who we really are with no one to judge
Lying in the flowers that are so soft they give hugs
We have to leave now but to get there in time we have to run
So will you do it Jackie? Will you come?


Would you rather go to a place thats even further
That is pitch black dark and filled with screams from ******
There is blood up to your knees and it drips from the ceiling
And the blood is tainted and makes you lose all feeling
And you slowly start to fall asleep
And drown because you are too weak to stand on your feet
And right before you die the floor underneath you starts to blaze
And your dead body boils in the tainted blood or the rest of your bodies decomposing days

How 'bout somewhere in the middle?
Not easy as cake, or hard as a fiddle
A field full of flowers would be really nice
But life's just not the same without a little spice
Plus, who'd be there to feed my kitty,
Once i move away from my home city?
I got nothin' else. XD
A poem I did with a friend off top. Was pretty funny. I stated writing it when she was afk and when she came back she finished it.
Keonte Johnson
Written by
Keonte Johnson
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