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Aug 2016
Sorrow waited sorrow won
Sorrow found me when I was young
Sorrow came sorrow stayed
Sorrow took my mind and played

Joy tried but joy died
Joy fled from my side
Joy swam but joy drowned
Joy was buried underground

Fear owns a sword of lies
The sword has taken many lives
Fear wears a crown of disguise
Making us side with the lies

My heart ran a race and lost
I can’t remember what it cost
My heart tried to care
But in return got a tear

Emotions are a raging sea
They mask my eyes of all I see
Emotions cause my legs to bend
Never lending a helping hand

Love was beaten in her sleep
Interrupting her count of sheep
Love was torn from my heart
Now we live far apart

Arrogance took my pride
And spent it overnight
Pride gave into arrogance
Thinking he just wanted to dance

Love was given a second chance
But also thought it just a dance
Love was beaten one more time
Left on the street alone to die

My mind imprisoned in a cage
Only emitting a hostile rage
My skull will crack and break
Soothing my mind from its ache

Voices echo in my ears
Whispers of a nameless fear
Their words are luring me on
Towards their pit of a ****** dawn

Guilt abused my mind to dust
Making marks and scars and rust
Guilt took my pride and joy
And played with it like a toy
Sarah Lin
Written by
Sarah Lin
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