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Aug 2016
He sits in a bar,
And the tears in his eyes dry.
He orders something sour,
to cover the bile.

As his throat burns,
the feeling in his chest screams in agony,
it wants to come out,
but it doesn't know how to leave.

He drinks in her name,
trying to forget her kisses,
and all of those damaging caresses.

But her face appears as an angel in distress
Oh how much he missed it.

He tries to stand up,
and help her fix her wings,
so that maybe she can fly.
Yet, she only laughs,
as he stumbles and tries.

He rubs his eyes and she is gone,
another sour drink.
He doesn't want to be alone.

He begs to see her one more time.
His head spins,
and he starts to cry.

Where did she go?
She didn't say good-bye.

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