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Jul 2016
With girl daughters
With boy sons
Fathers who strive
Fathers who thrive
With without families

who do what they have to do
For their girl daughters
For their boy sons
Who need presence
Who stomach absence
Fathers who want to be home enough but are not home enough,
in the evenings

Fathers who
have to make a conscious
decision: succeed or fail
Who bought mufflers so
Their girl daughters and
Boy sons could done jackets
Who freeze
So their families wouldn't get a frostbite

Fathers who stopped everything
To give everything
Fathers who lost to gain
Fathers who cry
Fathers who return
No words spoken
everything said
Fathers who did not return, physically,
but were received
Folded flags,
Where no words were spoken
but everything was said

Whose stories have never been told
Yet be told
Fathers who serve
So their girl daughters and
Boy sons could sleep and purr

Fathers who bind broken limbs
Fathers who accomplish one
To be bedevilled by two
Fathers both mom and dad
Who tie ribbons and
Talk to dolls
Who brush out tangles
And buy pads
For their girl daughters
Fathers on five jobs
Who crouch on couches
Fathers who chase demons
Fathers who tell tales
Fathers who switch off lights

Fathers who rise before the sun
Fathers who rise with the sun
Fathers who died
Fathers whom we lost
Fathers new
Fathers old
Fathers everywhere
Fathers whose
Girl daughters changed them
Like Common
Fathers blessed with Riley Curry's
Whose warmth
Whose joy
Whose girl beauties
warm the world

Fathers who have lost fathers
Fathers who never rocked their
Girl daughters and boy sons
A joy they only saw on a scanner
Fathers who had to give up their
Girl daughters and boy sons
Only to begin to die themselves,
Plant a tree.

(c) Lake Adedamola
To all fathers,especially to the Marines out there
Lake Adedamola
Written by
Lake Adedamola  Lagos, Nigeria
(Lagos, Nigeria)   
       NV, ryn, Randolph L Wilson, Tia White and SPT
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