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Jul 2016
I remember when the world
Was filled with love
Laughter, kindness, friendship
And amazing hugs
We use to help and show
Affections toward our brother
Now we fight, and
Bad mouth one another

There was a time when
We care what went on
And parents wouldn't leave
Their children alone
Preachers was concern when
A Christian fell down
Help would always come
From miles around

What happen to the joy that
Use to be in this world
What happen to the laughter
The kindness and the love
Why are we killing, and
Destroying precious life
What makes us argue, and
What makes us fight

We use to borrow a cup
Of sugar from our neighbor
Join hand in prayer
Setting at the breakfast table
We would help each other
As far as we were able
With a kind heart we would
Always return the favor

Envy, jealously, hatred, and lust
Has penetrated our heart
Relationship, friendship, and
Marriages torn apart
What happen to the joy
That made us what we are
We once spoke of peace
But now what we see is war

What happen to the times when
Your child could play with mine
And go to school in peace without
Someone committing a crime
What happen to the safety
We once felt in this world
And where is the peace, and
What happen to the love

What happen to the smiles we
Once wore upon our face
What happen to the moments
What happen to the days
What happen to the way
Times use to be,
When we felt excited, happy
And free??????????
Written by
Lillie Williams  Mississippi
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