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Jul 2016
Nuala opens
the front door
sees Brian sitting
in his armchair
drinking a beer
smoking a cigarette
without the TV on
which is rare

you're home early
she says
entering the lounge
looking at him
brooding over
his can of beer

where'd you go?
he says
looking at her

went shopping
in town
she replies
I told you where
I was going

she sits on the sofa
of his questioning
a mood behind it

who'd you see?
he asks

and shoppers
she says

you saw her
didn't you?
he says

who do you mean?
she says

your friend Una
he says

Nuala blushes
before she
can try
to control it

o yes
I bumped into her
while shopping
Nuala replies
her mind panicking

why'd you kiss her?
he asks
his eyes studying
her features

kiss her?
she says

yes you kissed her
he says

women do kiss
each other
as friends
she says

on the lips?
he says

how'd you know
where I kissed her?

Nuala stands up
walks to the window
looks out

I followed you
into town
saw you both
you went off
with her
to some bedsit
and went in
he says coldly
what'd you do there?

she gazes
at the passingΒ Β 
people below
at the passing traffic

why'd you
follow me for?

a game at first
I was going
to surprise you
in the shops
but then
you met her
and I followed
he says
in the tone

she turns
gazes at him

what did you do
while in her bedsit?

we had coffee
and a talk
Nuala looks
away from him
stares at the people
outside again

you were there
too long just to talk
and have coffee
he says

what are you
she says
acting offended
back at him

something weird
going on
with you
and her
he says

they stare
at each other
a silence comes
between them

all right then
I love her
we've made love
for months now
Nuala says
her voice shakyΒ Β 

he reddens
and opens
his mouth
to say something
but nothing comes

**** off
to her then
get your stuff
and go
he says
after a few moments

she looks at him
her world beginning
to unfold
and fall apart
as if someone
had pierced
her betraying heart.
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  72/M/England
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