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Jul 2016
Venice - California - **** me, i'm supposed to write what i can't write -
dog eat dog's equivalent of the offspring - cooler shaker -
i'm ******... i can't strip dance a sentence together -
**** me, the personal hatches to be held within - blues sways -
i can't write out the personal, it's too personal....
the sacredness of the moment as in:
cleaning the house, having conversation
with dad, the BBQ... mum's away tending to her mom -
insignificant parts - dog eat dog's one day -
cruising down with a Brooklyn groove -
you cool? i'm cool. you cool? n'ah man!
see you two Februaries later.
the **** comes later.... i write poetry, i have nothing to lose...
what i have to lose is the need for ink
and the celluloid ear to listen in on me -
if i hadn't i'd be writing the bestsellers for
insurance... i don't write bestsellers...
i write kites... i write what i write...
your capitalistic teams will hardly mind the craft...
poetry is otherwise known as
white boy's rap - less Korean gangsta style -
dog eats a dog to make a hotdog -
buns ahoy! too much personal **** man -
i cleaned the house today,
pretended to be a psychiatrist with my father -
this ain't no Hispanic gimmick -
i cleaned the house... ****'s too personal -
mind your tight Kenyan *** with that curl of lip
with the agony of pride with what a half-Kenyan president
would ignite - a Jew keeps a hammock
and a sense of investment - i know the personal -
bullock Pendulum smack via the potato sack -
prizes like at the Ferris Wheel - please spare me the
Israeli ******* with Arabs included -
please... please! you're no more part of Europe than
the Jihad coupe readied to make us
artistically bankrupt - Jew, you have your land!
tend to your ******* olives
                              and slouch on pitta bread!
let us be! don't keep inviting your repressive
justice agents into the enigma - we fostered Jesus
for 2,000 years! leave us be! take him back!
consolidate your confusion with an Egyptian Jew,
tend to the Egyptian library exposed -
we have no part in it... you make us take part
in it... we'll make Arabs into Nazis, if they
aren't already suggested.
you don't want what we will answer with when
Islam crosses the mark of consistent attack!
you don't want it! wear your kippah *******
symbolism when you either think or don't!
i don't like barbarians anyway,
the niqab shroud of cut-off ******* is enough
to match-up a ******* kippah as imitated
by the saint's bald-patch... leave! go home!
so why is it that home is so violent at your rekindled
reception? the Irish are clearly the first to ridicule,
but as James Joyce said: no Irishman will read me
prior to reading Yeats... the rhapsody of ridicule
will be worth a market stall of pears in
hope for aid to make anything less than poaching
them in pickled speech at stipend of acid talk...
too much personal speech... let's just say i
imitated my neighbour's dog bark by night...
while in daylight hours we talked about her job
and the closure of Broadmoor.
Mateuš Conrad
Written by
Mateuš Conrad  33/M/Essex (England)
(33/M/Essex (England))   
   Sydney Marie
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