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Jul 2016
Do I think about you?
That's not really a fair question.
Yeah, things are different now, but how could I notΒ think about you?
Have you ever known something to be so real, something you were so sure of at one point and then just forget it?
No, you haven't. I'm not sure that many people have or even understand what I'm talking about, but listen to me.
I don't remember much from before, but I remember the feeling...and apparently how I felt about you is not something that can be forgotten.
I remember what you meant to me, what you made my heart feel and I am desperately running to that feeling.
I feel like I'll never reach the point I'm trying to, but I promise you I am trying.
This feeling that I know I've felt, the one I can hardly remember is something that I want again, something that I need again.
Not with anyone though, but with you the girl I see in my head in those white sheets, under that blue comforter, on top of that lonely pink pillow.
You're like a mirage I'm praying will manifest in my reality so I no longer have to dream of you and only see a shadow.
So yes, I think about you.
Part 3 of the White Sheets.
Marquis Hardy
Written by
Marquis Hardy  Peachtree Corners, GA
(Peachtree Corners, GA)   
   Γkos Domonyi, ---, deprivedkat and Pea
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