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Jul 2016
Above all that is radiant and bright,
she floats above the New York night.
Neon signs and grey faces
look up, pointing, exclaming,
'Look how amazing
the human race is'.

Phantom girl floating, sifting
past and through all that's drifting:
empty eyes and the cracks on
every sunken, cigarette *******
ivory American cheek-bone,
belonging to a person, who
feels like any person: here
but sweetly alone.

All that is radiant,
all that is bright,
think what is beautiful
is flying past and
out of sight.
Tie my shoes 4-3-2,
Don't you know
That I love you
1 and Zero is here,
Amongst my hurt
Amongst my cheer
Joshua Haines
Written by
Joshua Haines  24/M/In an agent's pocket.
(24/M/In an agent's pocket.)   
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