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Jul 2016
Milka and Benny
get back from shopping
in the town

she with a few items
he with an Elvis LP
he bought

there is no car
outside the farmhouse
so they assume
her mother's
not back yet from town
and go in

Milka says
if we are quick
we can maybe in my bed

Benny isn't so sure
what if your mum
comes back and sees us?

Milka looks at him
if we're quick
and not arguing
she says

she grabs his hand
and takes him up
the stairs to her room
and begins to undress
come on then
she says

a car comes up
the drive from the road
passing the fields

it's your mum
Benny says
looking out the window

what? already?
Milka says
putting her clothes back on

I’ll go downstairs
and keep her talking
Benny says
and goes out the door
down the stairs

he sits at the kitchen table
just as Milka's mother
comes in the back door

o hello Benny
you're back
where's Milka?

Benny smiles
a call of nature
he says

Milka's mother puts
her shopping bags
on the table
and begins to unpack

put the kettle
on for us Benny
she says smiling

sure I will
he says
and gets up
and puts water
in the kettle
and puts it
on the stove

he stands watching
Milka's mother
putting away
her shopping
watching the sway
of her hips
the motherly *****

Milka comes down
the stairs sulking
her face unhappy

you're back early
she says to her mother

could say
the same to you
her mother says
Benny's been
a good boy
and put the kettle
on for us
isn't he good?

Milka pulls a face
behind her mother's back
as her mother puts
away the last
of her shopping

yes he is
Milka says
eyeing him
wanting him alone
by herself
sitting beside him
squeezing his leg
under the table
touching him
the best
she is able.
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  73/M/England
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