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Jul 2016
I swear that I see god when I look you in the eyes
And when you smile at me a new universe is made from the Big Bang that is my heart beat
People say good things come in time but I think timing is irrelevant
because when you're in love time doesn't exists
Time is a child at two in the morning tiptoing around to try not to wake it's parents
But it doesn't matter because time could be a marching band walking over my body and I still wouldn't  notice it
Because my love will always be timeless  
If I could read your fingerprints like Brail, I would allow you to write a story on my body
And then I would read myself, from beginning to end learning to love every part of me the way you do
The same way I love you, relentlessly, uncontrollably and unapologetically
I don't believe in destiny but I **** sure believe in miracles
There are 7.12 billion people in the world and I got to meet you
You see when I'm with you I swear I could walk on water, and turn the water to wine as I pass
I know when we hug I've never been closer to God, and he speaks to me through your heartbeats
He tells me to remember to breath when I'm around you because I often forget
That's why there is no one in the world like you, people would drop dead while you take their breath away
And me? Well You can keep my breath, and every other part of me because now and forever I'm yours
Written by
Ousmane Iacavoni
   Siren Coast, Hal and Sierra
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