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Jul 2016
It was an early morning
Middle of the week, same drive
She felt heavier than her car,
Deep her in heart, down in her soul
She closes her sore eyes
Flashes of pain strike her
She opens them back up, focuses on the road
She has hurt before
She has felt real pain
Most men would love her quickly,
But usually hated her in the end
The lady loved good blues

On this morning to work
Rhemmy remembered a time
She had felt so much hurt
And she had done everything
To run from it, to tame it
To forget it, to heal it
All she had left was,
To be stronger than it
Rhemmy bursts into tears
She wipes her face, grips the wheel
It was that little moment  of insanity
That moment you let go
Just for a little to
Keep everything together
Tears continued down her cheek
As the song hit her pain
Striking that chord, that one feeling
Sebastian Macias
Written by
Sebastian Macias  Eagle Rock, Los Angeles
(Eagle Rock, Los Angeles)   
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