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Jul 2016
Poetry has a sensitive soul
A drive and impulse
Telling stories the way they are
Feelings of soberness
A heart felt word

Poetry has a sensitive heart
Beautifully immense
A heart of gold
Giving values to life
Adding years to life: Poetry is beautiful

Poetry has a sensitive soul
Like streams that meanders slowly
Like a river glorious: It Flows
Poetry has a sensitive heart,
A beautiful soul; A flying Angel.

Poetry is the signal
The soul sends into the world
Like the river, it flows into the sea,
yet the sea never gets filled.

Poetry is the fluid for the soul,
The liquid for the yearning of the Mind
That which quenches the fire
Feeding the deepest desires
Poetry is Gold in essence

Ovi OdieteΒ©
May you find SOLACE AND BLISS in POETRY and may it be a MUSE for your Living.

I am thrilled that this little poem of mine has been chosen for THE DAILY POEM (19/July/2016)
Thank you all and thanks to HELLOPOETRY.
Regards, Ovi.
Written by
Ovi-Odiete  lagos,nigeria
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