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Jul 2016
Within the unfolding creation of this Earth,
with its majestic mountains and valleys,
its rocks and trees, its life-giving streams and seas,
Surely man was but a minor afterthought
no more important than birds, or snakes.
Only we see ourselves as exalted above all other
living things. Our opinion is highly overrated
and wholly underserved.
Keeping some perspective, we destroy more than
we contribute to the planet, we feed our excessive
hedonism rather than our humanity. We take more
than we need and we bring other life forms to extinction.
It could be said mankind is the destroyer, not the creator.
Our goals and importance should be seriously reevaluated.  
We already live in and on Heaven, stop planning on
some mystical afterlife, a heaven in the sky, we have it
all right here, most of us just do not know it.
Perspective is everything.
Written by
Stephen E Yocum  M/North Western Oregon
(M/North Western Oregon)   
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