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Jul 2016
In Alabama just thinking about my life and ****.
I thought the poetry was over but I keep writing ****.

It's really crazy how life changed and rearranged.
The time span of a year, nothing at all the same.
Finding the light in the tunnel, look what I've overcome.
It's the beginning I promise I'm no where near done.
A couple months ago I wondered how would I survive.
I prayed to God every night now look where I've arrived.

Can't get complacent, my time is coming full of success.
Once done with all of the training, it's back to TDS.
Constantly hearing "I'm proud", silently or out loud.
Not too long ago, I only thought I was a problem child.
Cut short the sleeper.
My thoughts deeper.
I'm feeling wild.
Don't even have the same crave for a black and mild.
Once used the money and the women too much for motivation.
Keeping the family fed is now the recreation.

Know I've been gone for a while, I know I'm really missed.
Don't think anyone that knew me thought this would exist.
Sometimes I'm feeling like my life is just a simple movie.
The go getter, the super soldier, but still wonder who's he.

I'm just a rebel.
Who shook the devil.
Who won't settle; for nothing until he conquers everything and gets his empire up out the ghetto.

Things are different now.
I can't lie, my vision's too big and bitter sweet
I wanna sell out shows, sell clothes, do meet and greets.
I'm rambling, I need to cut it short, it's getting late.
I wanna be influential, no longer slept on and make you all awake.

Back in the day, I would never do this, I'd rather hide.
But you can look deep into my eyes and see they're full of pride.
The ones who aren't in my corner now, they must've lied
It doesn't matter, sit back and just enjoy the ride.

TDS will forever be the label.
I'm just putting all of the pieces together as I set the table.
Left home for the summer to come back with a couple grand.
Tired of chasing a check so now I swipe or have it all in hand.
This is my first poem that I've written in quite a while.
And truth be told I may just like this one the most.
To my new day and my age this is just the toast.
I made goals with myself, this is my own oath.
I'm loving the tree I've planted for us and you can see my growth.
Seb Tha Guru
Written by
Seb Tha Guru  25/M/Anonymous
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