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Jul 2016
Some people will say all that they will
to make their own hearts feel
they got the purpose to do a deed
until it comes another's time of need
who faces troubles backed against a wall

They say words only to speak
to make themselves seem their good
but wouldn't reach out a hand
even though they know that they could
and just shut their eyes so not to see
so they won't feel guilty not to give
to bring hope for another to live

They try to make others think they're real
but their souls are only cold and empty
thinking only what is in it for them
forgetting what God spoke through Him

They talk about what all they would do
but never help or follow through
instead of just being honest and true
they want the world to believe their lie

They make excuses to reasons why
then want their blessings from the sky
knowing other's at times become weak
and needs someone to just understand
that they're not alone,together we'll stand
to pick another up when they fall
Spiritwind ©2016
Kelly Spiritwind Wood
Written by
Kelly Spiritwind Wood  New Mexico
(New Mexico)   
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