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Jun 2016
Hold my hand and walk with me,
Don't open your eyes, we're in a dream.
Right here, there is so much to see,
So many places you've never been.
Just look at them,
all the things beautiful but lonely.

Can you feel the Nature?
The winds, the oceans, the trees?
All the beauty surrounding us,
Yet always filled with mystery.
Tell me, love, don't you see?
Your eyes were made to look at these.

On nights when you cry, invite me too.
So while you look at the stars, I look at you.
You see them spread all across the sky,
While I see them swimming in your eyes.

They're so far away.....
but we are close,
Snuggled together on a bed of rose.
And you know what? Somethings look better from far.
So let them be where they are?
Right in the moment,
I love being here. With you.
And when you softly speak,
lost in the whispers, I'll fall asleep.

"When I look at the stars, it feels like I'm a child; admiring and longing for a toy on display...but it's out of reach."
(And so are you..)

It's special; different...I don't know if you feel it too.
But only in my dreams will I be able to say, what I've been meaning to say to you.
Written by
Tinker Bell  F
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