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Jun 2016

June 24th and no spitfires overhead
Alas my head is not sleepy but I long to stay in bed
For the air today is somewhat different
But I'll get up and put on a stiff front
As I breathe in the mutiny
I still see the beauty
My countrymen have failed me
But I strive for solidarity
Today is a one magpie kind of day.
All I want to do is hide and lay
Under these covers in complete dismay
At the present and the future turning into the past
At the world outside, my flag is half mast.

I shudder at the thought
Of those distraught
Of those we've turned our back on
We're humans, we should undo wrong
It's a fundamental duty
To help, learn, teach, yearn, care duly
As peace and love prevails
Or are these things just now fairy tales?

Our futures have been decided
By those who've lived and misguided
Those whose future is short
Those who think "left!?" and snort
For they've had their time
This is OURS and their biggest crime?
Paving a future that isn't mine.

To the NHS
I say God bless
Would you risk free health
For power and wealth?

Immigration a modern salvation
Blessed are we as a nation
To behold multiculturalism and share
Beliefs and lifestyles and care
We did so well, we have a Muslim mayor!
But now we're out, it doesn't seem fair.

Are we really a nation of pig molesting
A nation who leave those Syrians festering
In squalor over the Channel and all alone
After we tore apart and bombed their home.

Surely the future is one of progress
Not of an empire and regress
But here I am laying in bed
Trying to make sense of all this in my ****** lefty head.

What's done is done
Along with the rising sun
Comes a new day
Seize it we shall and turn it from grey.

Now I've always liked Paul Weller
I'll paraphrase this as it's fitting and stellar:

"you made your bed you'd better lie in it,
you choose your leaders and place your trust
as their lies wash you down and their promises rust
the public wants what the public gets but I don't get what this society wants."

Me neither Paul.
Written in the wake of the UK's EU referendum. Available as an audio track via soundcloud:
Jimmy Bowman
Written by
Jimmy Bowman  26/M/London/ Bromley
(26/M/London/ Bromley)   
         Mhyn, Jimmy Bowman, Teresa Alaska and AK93
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