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Jun 2016
You've been with me from the start,  
Our distance couldn't be shorter but we are so far apart .
I miss the times we would sing for no reason.
I miss our poems written almost by our feelings.
We found happiness in the compositions of our plain
but looking back I'm clearly not the same.

The world is hardening me,
It broke my dome protecting my reality.
I lost the trust, the bank is closed,
Even in lust the lack of love shows
Because for one you need the other.
Injaka turned  into strays
my brothers, I now call them cain
But how was I able?
I was their dawg...see now I had no seat at the table.

I'm  confused I don't know what to do,
I know it is because I'm losing you.
Want to go back to the old days so we can do it the old ways.
how are we in the same place but I can barely rocognize your face?
The cities lights dazzal my sight
The cold numbs me on these city nights
The monotony is draining my will to fight i see this when i think "What would i even write?".

I wonder how you'd feel if you could see the new me.
I do know one thing I  miss you,
the old Manezi.
Injaka- south african slang meaning  friend  stems from the word inja which means dog

Losing my self
Thisis A Pseudonym
Written by
Thisis A Pseudonym  21/M/Johannesburg
   cgembry, --- and SPT
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