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Jun 2016
Just what is the Human Response test?
It’s a test to determine true friendship being a confess
But mine you it’s not a competition to determine whose friendship is best
It’s a matter to find out are they true friends or foes
This test will eliminate all the woes
Make up a story about yourself being a like a confession
Just see how the responses come about
But just don’t try to figure out
Your job is just observe
Then cut off false friends and give them what they deserve
If the friends are true friends, you will certainly find out
Now true friends will inspire you, and even examine yourself being the true friends given in the test
However, if you get negativity along with insults
Then you know it’s time to clean house
You don’t need any negative Human Mouse
Friendship is about caring and sharing
False friendship is about eliminating and ignoring
But it’s just so sad we can’t live in harmony
Let’s look at hatred
How many times have you heard, I don’t like you, and you think you are all that?
Perhaps I am all that and a full bag of chips
But notice, the haters have given you all the failing human tips
However, don’t you fall into their trip being a careless trap slip
Try the Human Response test, and let the true results confess
Responsibility is true living in being life’s best
Observation is the best natural test
Examine and experiment for yourself and don’t be surprised in what you find out.
Written by
preservationman  New York City
(New York City)   
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