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Jun 2016
I sit next to you and you smile awkwardly,
not knowing the intentions that simmer
within my cerebral cortex,
Neurons spark and I smile with devious  
intentions, I ask you simplistic questions

"So why you here forlorn,

Waiting for those two syllable words "I'm alone,

"No one should be lonesome,

Then walk off to follow you in later moments,
I can smell the fear of thoughts that embed on
the surrounds. You should nervous, you had
me sitting next to you. But wait a minute like
Vultures others yearn for that which is singular.

Can they smell the imminent  ending of a life,
conceding to that moment of who will take this breath.
Me, them, you? untold possibilities but only
one ending different face but the ending is the same.

I follow like a panther after is prey, I watch from a
distance upon my eyes they wonder so contact never
gazed upon but my sights are focused on your demise.
But one does fly upon the honey then the trap in done.

"Police freeze,

Gun shots ring out like church bells, then I'm clipped
by violent actions. I bleed on tainted tiled floors,
But I live to hunt another day.

"Innocence injured in possible cult killers rampage,

But under sedation I see those that could be a next
page on my thoughts, to end them not with anger
not with words but silence never knowing **"Why,
Poetic T
Written by
Poetic T  On Oblivions Doorstep
(On Oblivions Doorstep)   
     Poetic T and Randolph L Wilson
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