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Jun 2016
Script the past, script the past##

Scripting the past, yeah, I be scripting the past

Just a little more paper, just to make it all last.

Scripting the past I can't believe I'm not first,
There are messages and dangers I think I might just burst,
Into flames, into inferno, into the burning depths of hell,
Yeah I'm just scripting the past, but I can't seem to tell...

anymore if it's true, if it's fake and if it's made,
Secrets and lies all tools of the trade,
In currency and... staying current,
how do I stay relevant
when I'm scripting the past?

I'm tired and I'm wired,
To a system of history that cannot tell the story,
of a man that only has worry,
of a past he cannot shake, from a sleep he can't awake.

In his dreams he scripts the past,
in a space and time so vast,
he cannot wake he cannot take,
a glimpse of his soul,
so old, so old, so old...

As he

Scripts the past, Scripts the past
Written by
SpazticOrange  Malaysia
   Lior Gavra
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