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Jun 2016
You were my home
My endless supply of comfort to my wounded heart
My happy when my sky was blue
For a hue of you was medicine
I would bleed and bleed
Drip drip dripping wet tears on dry pavement
A trail of tears for searching eyes

Was It wise
For me to assume that you were blind
Unconsciously following along
Preoccupied with other trails
Do I need a leash with bells for you to listen?
Do I need brail upon my skin for you to read, why I decide to breath?

Do I need to pay attention?
Do I need new prescription lenses?
Have you been smiling all this time?
I know you love my flaws like broken dolls
Young children can't forget.

I forgot to stay
When sky's are gray
To know if you are true
I packed too quick
I made me sick
I chosen to see love blue

I took my heart
Left her drip drip dripping
A trail of broken tears
Hoping for searching eyes

I was always too blind
To pay attention
Livi M Pearson
Written by
Livi M Pearson
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