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Jun 2016
You do not get to banish people to a corner
Because you think their presence might darken the sun,
And then get mad at them
For choosing not to live in pitch black misery.
When they turn their corner into a place of vibrancy and colour,
Music, dancing, laughter and freedom,
You don't get to burst in and take it away from them.
You sit there and you watch them smile away their fears,
And you can't stand it.
That they are so happy but you, man on the outside looking in,
Are sitting in the sun yet are still consumed by darkness.
Man on the outside looking in, you see happiness and you are enraged,
Jealous of people confined to such a small place of acceptance yet so free.
You break down the door and you spread darkness.
Indiscriminately and in bursts of loud gunfire.
You make all the other colours of the rainbow fade
Until there's only red, red, red.
But neither you, nor anyone like you, will get to banish us into a corner.
In the garden, we're given a small patch of dying grass,
And look at it now, blooming full of beauty.
We are the lilies, geraniums, bluebells, trilliums,
And the countless other flowers
That were once so few, yet now we creep out of our confined patch of land,
And we're breaking down your door whether or not you hear us knocking.
Written by
Corvus  27/Trans Male/Liverpool
(27/Trans Male/Liverpool)   
       ---, SΓΈuΕ‚SurvivΓΈr, ---, ---, Lvice and 24 others
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