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Jun 2016
A Cat              Avoids his hated food, whimiscal purrs around your legs are tranquilizers for a weary soul, the golden dreams of wise whiskers  ~ alert and conscious ~ so they seem ~ soft paws from tree top landing among green blades of grass ~ as telepathic tigres they look directly in your eyes and heal you when your life energy is in demise.

A Dog             Believes you're his best friend, come on, let's run with rustling winds along this summer fields! Bark loud my lovely friend when devious burglars start to creepin' in and lick with loving love my every wound away. You are the greatest love of all ... Come on  ~ let's howl this soulful song together with u-tube tunes and fetch the stick and search for stones and pebbles thrown in running waters deep. Sniff out the mice and moles in hiding holes. And try to climb a tree when bushy tailed squirrel is laughing at thee. Wiggle your tale and give me your paw. Do joyful air jumps after the frisbee is aloof and when yours favourite bouncy ball desires the firm grips of your white fangs. You are my best friend for ever and ever at my knee, walking besides me, protecting me and my dear family.

A Giraffe        Constant yearnings for the highest leaves
gives her a slender slide ride wonder tall neck. A delicate head is reaching out to grasp the clouds ~ or see the secrets well hidden within you ~ with those wide dark n' dreamy eyes. Reflective mind and funny tongue, and soft two horns ~ ossicones called and lovely thick eylashes ~ they all bathe in sun's blazing heat. Standing in shades, sunrays and playful flickerings have drawn unique pattern patches upon her skin ~ Nah ~ patterns are there for fun ~ cause a giraffe knows pretty  **** well how to fast run! Her peacful charm is gained through a level of a vision's hights ~ above us all who stomp on earth; by being humble at below when reaching for most needed waters of our lifes. Giraffe's gentleness is no surprise!

A Hermelin

A Koala bear
A Lady bug

Okapi Otter Owl Opposum Ostrich Orangutan Orca

Panther Panda Python Protheus Puma Parrot Penguin Polar bear Porqupine Papillon Possum Prairie dog Pelican

A Snail Snake
A Turtle

A Water heron Walrus Weasel Wolverine Wolf Wombat Wild boar Water buffalo Wallaby
X~ray tetra luminous aquarium fish
A work in progress.
Written by
DivineDao  F/🏝️ 👸💕🤴 🎊
(F/🏝️ 👸💕🤴 🎊)   
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