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Jun 2016
sitting cross-legged
on the floor
bare right foot over
left knee, tilting
the controls like
that will give you
more control as a
kart hurtles down
rainbow roadβ€”
ever the hardest track,
but the one to which
every child comes back
time and againβ€”and
to think some of us
will live there, will love
in prisms of light with
no railings, sit
among the stars and fold
paper cranes when
people ask us to explain
our pride
as if they have never
heard of love.

when you fall off the edge
everything goes dark
but in this life the ghosts
don't float you above
it all to get your
bearings back; somehow
you have to do it without
the benefit of afar; the stars
don't spin around your
head while you count
your scars; in
this life the ghosts
are dead.

I turned off the TV,
I watched a bird cross
the street, scurrying
on its little feet
and hopping onto the curb.
It did not use its wings
once. It does not need
to see things
from far away
like I do.
once we realize that we are not small, this is our world and we can act to change it.
if you live in a state whose senator voted "no" to background checks,Β Β contact your local representatives expressing your concern about civilian ownership of military-grade weapons. make our voice loud.
Em Glass
Written by
Em Glass  23/NY
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