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Jun 2016
The arrogance is the most fascinating thing to me
when I think of equality
class and such
It is the arrogance
the arrogance that a brutal military could earn anyone really
its no merit to evolution
or the continuity of nature
cooperation is the fittest
so the arrogance of
β€œBlack lives matter more than white lives”
being held on busy streets crowded by people who feel the need to construct whiteness
all day ever day
getting paid very little and sometimes even nothing
to construct whiteness
some get financial aid
to construct whiteness
some get allowances
some inherit money to construct whiteness
some are also just really dumb
some do it intelligently
some started ivy league institutions
to construct whiteness
some people ask me to construct whiteness
and I
I think insurance should cover treatment for whiteness
and cover the treatment for the damages done by whiteness
Elan Bonde Gregory
Written by
Elan Bonde Gregory
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