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Jun 2016
Gloomy mood cheered up by the rain
It washes away our sorrow and pain
Lets cherish the nature's moment
Hark! the pleasant tip tap of rain
a rainy day
Boys,girls,young and old
Man,women, rich and poor
Do not resist to fall in love with
The thunder, drizzle, hail or snow
a rainy day
A curious frog hops up at the sky
Its right time to leap high
Craok! he calls intimately his
Better half to celebrate the rain
a rainy day
A plumule peeps out the pip
His first sight sees the drops
The crops dance along the stalk
The grains in wheat sips the drops
a rainy day
For me
The rain hides my tears
You can say its my fears
To lose my love in rain
Don't worry
Its a drop not my tears!!
Can you see the rainbows without the rain?
Written by
Andlib Farid  Pakistan
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