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Jun 2016
And for good reason
Because of the circus show
They are bringing
To our living rooms
The convict and the red headed clown
Is what we have to choose from
All I can say is "WOW!"
They said young men are not thriving
In this day and age
And dont know why
I starting laughing and crying at the same time
As I sat there and pondered this over in mind
Rolled back the memories inside my head
And found out it is what the Government bred
Our children victims of the times
When they took from us our parental right
Showed us the great movies
Mr. Mom and Mrs Doubtfire
inbeding and creating stay at home dads
Softening the personality of our men
Allowing people to marry the same
Turning our patriotic sense of belief
Into the corperation greed
Telling us were just no good
Unless we have the most
Every child getting awards
Has taught them they are winnners so why try anymore
My heart it breaks to see this taking place
And its going to get worst
I feel so dismayed
All I can do is sit here and watch
As my children and grandchildren pay the cost
Because we are losing
Our pride and strength
As they lie cheat and steal
The human race
I am fine with people being with who they love
But when it becomes an epidemic
Due to popularity
Thats when I know its a hipocracy
I love all people no matter how they live.
I just think its ****** up
That nobody thinks of the kids
Innocent as they could be
Are grown adults now
At three
Written by
Pure LOVE  No Where Land ©
(No Where Land ©)   
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