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Jun 2016
He came into the country
With wellsprings of living joy
The people wondered on him,
    Isn't that Joseph's boy?

"Physician heal thyself!
Thy words are heresy
You're just a man as I am
What do you mean, 'set free' ?

I know who thou art
And from whence thou art come
You profit me nothing
You're the carpenter's son

You blaspheme the holy prophets
Who do you think you are?
Get down from my holy temple
You're not the Morning Star, you're not the Holy One
I know you, you're Joseph's son.

What does he say? ... be 'born again'?
Go into my mother's womb?
He is a fool!  He is insane!
His mind is an empty tomb.

He eats and drinks with harlots
And publicans give him stay
How dare he come against us!
Send him on his way!
Lay hold!  Take him from the city
And cast him from the ledge!"

He passed among them unnoticed
He left them on the edge.

Not much was done
   few seeds were sown
A prophet is not accepted by his own
He travelled down through Galilee
He spread the news
  He set men free
Written by
Yarrow Beach  Oregon
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