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Jun 2016
A face unfamiliar, befriended on sight.
Greeted with kindness, and with polite.
His response was lackluster, didn't know how to act.
She giggled and laughed with a pat to the back.
Her smile enticed him, and his own to her.

She walked in the room, with a waving hand.
He shadowed her arm, and greeted her dearly.
Patted beside him, and there she sat.
He assisted with homework, her response was to laugh.
"As a procrastinator needs no help, unless it's to nap"

They walked on stage, in gowns with hats.
Walked down the isle, hand to hand.
Moved onto life, together forever.
Envisioned their future, with great endeavor.

Driving to his house, awaiting a call.
On the day of their union, a special bond.
Her phone vibrated, falling below.
Reaching for it, she'd looked ahead.
A bright flash of light, and quick veer to the side.

A face so familiar, laid in that casket.
He greeted her with kindness, and polite.
For she had no response, and no way to act.
He cried into the flowers, he'd laid on her bed.
His memories enticed him,Β Β and his to her own.

He stepped away, with a waving hand.
He imagined her arm, and greeted her dearly.
Standing beside her, there she rest.
She was lowered down, his response with tears.
"Nap well my dear, may you rest in peace"
"For a procrastinator needs no help. . . unless it's to sleep"

Time is short, and some lives even shorter.
Cherish your loved ones, and be with your lover.
Family is forever but taken for granted.
Appreciate those close to you, and help those in need.
For the small things in life, are bigger than they seem.
And one minor encounter, could be another person's dream.
Written by
Steven Manner
   Alyssa Underwood and ---
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