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Jun 2016
You were a shepherd
Someone I followed incontestably
Someone I trusted to guide me to safety

You were a new pasture
Someone far off that I thought would be different
You had a wolf hiding in the bushes


"Anywhere but here" is what was on your mind
The thing is, I'm still here
Your dreams had no intention of including me in them

You were boarding planes and driving far away
I was boring and driving to coffee shops
I just couldn't hold your interest

You had bigger things on your mind
You didn't bother to ask what was on my mind
I think you would have found
Some common ground


I fell to the riverbed having fallen for you
You had already pulled your feet out of the water

You stayed on the dock of disenchantment
While I touched the bottom of disillusionment


I've never said a word to you I didn't mean
You never meant a single word you said to me
I can't blame you for it though,
Transparency, of words and of heart, has gotten me nowhere

You meant everything you said, except I lost it all in transmission
And I found myself making up the messages I missed


You were summer
Sepia stained, longer than it felt like, innocent and sweet

You were fall
Starved of warmth, not long enough,Β Β the moments leading to a freeze


Before you, I didn't know how to feel
After you, I never wanted to feel again
Written by
pugh  20/Non-binary
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