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Jun 2016
If we are all here
to mope
and rage
please tell me
have we survived so long
It's because we were happy once!
bright sparks of creativity
turns our world inside out
and back again
you can  make a difference!
reach into your brilliant brain
past the muck
and self doubt
into the bright corners
of yourself
bring it out of hiding
and into the world
let them judge you!
become impermeable
let the insults slide off
like the rain off of a goose's downy back.
help turn our world
into one of light
and empathy
where everyone
can speak
or look
or act
as they wish
without being criticized
you can do it!

and don't forget
Be happy!
Never Give Up!:)
Emily R
Written by
Emily R
   Jamadhi Verse
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