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Jun 2016
the boy with light hair,
had a thin soothing voice,
that filled me with care,
and held broad shoulders underneath,
his hickey covered neck,
his adam's apple always turned me on,
and it soon became covered from my peck,
and he would return the favor,
and would hold me tight in his lanky arms,
and I'd look into the eyes of my savior,
eyes that you'd never forget in your life,
and he held me tight,
and protected me,
I knew everything was going to be alright,
the boy with light hair was mine,
and he called to tell me he loved me,
and to make sure I knew he cared,
his heart was deeper then the sea,
and he poured waves of love onto me,
he held me hand and never let go,
and pulled me in and held me close,
and if love hurt I wouldn't have known,
because it all felt so good,
until the day,
the boy with light hair,
came my way,
and threw me around his house,
saying I couldn't leave,
and he pushed me up against the wall,
and ripped my coat sleeve,
it was his,
it smelled like cats and moist hair,
and he then held me,
and told me he cared,
a day later,
he striked my face,
and then I returned it back,
and when his friend left he took me to a place,
and he picked me up and sat me down,
and punched me hard,
and I broke down,
I cradled my face in my hands,
he stared at the outcome,
and picked me up and held me close,
I laid on him as I went numb,
and the boy with the light hair,
kept pretending he loved me,
even when he would beat me,
til I begged on my knees,
and every time I was with him,
I thought it was okay,
he hurt me so much,
but i still stayed,
I didn't know the boy with light hair,
was doing bad things,
I never knew it was wrong,
I thought they were all good things,
I just didn't notice,
how he was hurting me,
the boy with the light hair and his motives,
he even went on to **** me,
and i sat their and let him do it,
he went and ripped off my outfits,
I never questioned the boy with the light hair,
I didn't think to do so,
he did so many bad things,
I never would say no,
I just keep crying,
and staying quiet,
it was hard,
but I got by it,
and the boy with the light hair,
left me during the snow,
he mocked me,
and called me a ***,
and I called and called,
and cried to the phone,
and I cried more each time,
the operator said leave  a message after the tone,
and i begged him to call me back
but he never will,
like the call,
the boy with the light hair will never love me back,
and I cried and still do as I await his call.
Cat Fiske
Written by
Cat Fiske  United States
(United States)   
     Ja, ---, ---, Arcassin B and Cat Fiske
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